How to invite Wesley & Stacey Campbell

Wesley and Stacey Campbell Ministries carries a conviction to give away what God has entrusted to us. It is an absolute honor to travel and be a part of what God is doing all over the globe.

Below, you will find a form to fill out as a formal invitation. This information helps us as we prayerfully consider the scheduling of Wesley and Stacey’s itinerary. While it is a great honor to be invited, due to the large number of requests it is not feasible for them to accept every invitation submitted, and if an invitation is accepted, it may or may not be possible to have both Wesley and Stacey come. Please trust that we will be answering you when we are able.

Some helpful guidelines to consider as you submit this form are airfare, food, and lodging expenses. These are to be covered by the host church or organization; anything beyond this, such as an honorarium, is welcomed.

Wesley and Stacey Campbell product/ materials, such as books and teachings, will be sent to each event as we want this kingdom message accessible to conference delegates. To make this possible, we request the hosting church or organization to provide both an appropriate location and personnel to manage and conduct purchases at no expense to Wesley and Stacey Campbell Ministries.

Thank you for the honor of your invitation to be part of what God is doing in your city.


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